Let's Be Friends

I am so delighted you stopped by. I wish we could be having this conversation over coffee in some quiet cafe...doesn't that sound wonderful? Instead, just take a breathe and know that you are in good company my friend! 

This is a place to be real...some days are straight-up hard. It's also a place to find encouragement and hopefully a slice of joy to go with that coffee (or tea, I'm not a hater). ;) No matter what your day has looked like so far, you have an opportunity to take the messy and turn it into a masterpiece. You have a calling. You have a job to do today. And it is glorious! Whether or not you feel you are up to the task, know that you can without a doubt do it.  Especially if you're feeling weak, because our God seems to have a tendency to do some of his best work when we simply can. not. do. it. anymore. No worries, my friend. God can.

A little about me: I am a thirty-something mama of two littles and wife of one not-so-little living in small-town Idaho. I believe that God can take the hot mess that we are, and make us absolutely breathtaking. I'm living proof...and I bet you are to. Eat your heart out Disney Princesses, we are the real deal. Gloriously redeemed mess-ups who need grace, love, and (at least for this girl) a whole lot of good coffee. Welcome to my life. :) I hope we can become friends. May you be inspired to live passionately and fully today. 

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  1. Good morning, Summer! It's a joy to "meet" you :) I came across your fun and sweet blog while visiting the "About Page Party."

    I had a wonderful time reading through your posts and am quite excited to visit again. May you have a beautiful week! Hugs! Stephanie - The Enchanting Rose


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