Thursday, October 10, 2013

Just Do the Thing

We all have that thing. That thing we talk about, dream about, think wistfully about, complain to our spouses that we wish we could do and if only (fill in the blank) would happen it would be so great because...and on and on it goes. Here's the catch. That thing? We don't actually do it. Our excuses and lists that have to be accomplished crowd our minds and can the dream before it ever actually has a chance to take root in our lives. But, like a weed, it keeps popping back up. Enticing us. Alluring us. Giving us butterflies when we actually take a moment to think about what life could look like if we actually did the thing.

Do you want to hear my solution? It's rather might want to grab a pen to jot this one down. Are you ready? Just do the thing! (Side-note: I am not talking about immoral or selfish acts here...I am talking about passions and dreams that God has placed inside of you, and is waiting for you to run with. You know what I'm talking about, and you know what doesn't meet the standard.) Okay, so back to my theory. What if (crazy idea) we actually went after that dream that is cocooned inside of our souls? What if we let it emerge and take flight, not knowing exactly how it might play out in this season of our lives but knowing that, though it may not look like what we think it should look like, it will be beautiful if we stop making excuses. 

I know a man with a passion for cooking. Though he doesn't currently know how to make but a handful of meals, he gets excited about the idea of combining various spices and creating bursts of flavor that excite the taste-buds. What if he pursued his passion? Maybe not in big ways like enrolling in culinary school. But maybe in small ways, by taking a cooking class here and trying a new recipe there. Slowly, his skill would build. Think of the ways that could impact not only himself, but others as well? He could bless his family with delicious meals, meals he enjoyed creating because he has an excitement for the process. He might enter cooking contests and get to know people in his community. He might help prepare meals for a food bank. There are so many ways this thing, if pursued, could enrich his life and the lives of those around him!

I think, oftentimes, we wait until "the right time" to endeavor into our passion. "I can't do that right now because I don't have any money...or time...or resources." "I can't do that right now because I don't have the schooling...or connections...or support." Why don't we get honest with ourselves and admit that the majority of the time we don't do it because we just don't have the nerve. We are afraid that if we try and fail, our dream will be dashed on the rocks. It's safer when it is just a dream. But oh how that limits God! What if he wants to take that thing and do something with it...even if that something might not be what we thought it would be. Are we willing to step out and try?

I know what "my thing" is. And I'm guessing that you probably have an inkling of yours. Maybe you have more than one thing that puts a light in your eye and pep in your step. What if we take a step...and often there are many to choose from...toward our goal. What if we do just one thing to bring us closer to our passion. And what if, little by little, we build into the thing that is cocooned inside of us, giving it life and breath. Imagine the possibilities that could await us if we would just do the thing.

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