Thursday, April 10, 2014

30 Thoughts From 30 Years

I know a lot of people dread the big 3-0...but if I'm going to be honest, I have to say I'm actually a little giddy to be starting this next decade. I think of all the neat things I (Lord-willing) will be able to see and do and experience, and it makes me excited! To think that I get to see my babies grow into children and watch them begin to learn who they are and what they love is exhilarating to me. To think that I have the opportunity to grow in my marriage and invest in my mate makes me smile. So many of the woman I have admired throughout the years are 30 and up, and now I feel like I get to "join their leagues" and put into play some of the things I have been learning and storing up in my heart from them.

I have seen many lists of things people want to accomplish by thirty or whatnot, and I think there are lots of great ideas. But I look to the future and see all the possibilities that lay before the way I choose to mother my children, in the friendships I develop, in the memories I make with my spouse, in the dreams I pursue and goals I accomplish...and I think, "Bring it on!"

So here are thirty thoughts from my thirty years. I'm sure if I have an opportunity to look back on this list thirty years from now there will be things I think differently on, but for now this is a conglomeration of things being learned by yours truly. Here's to the next decade!
My List: What 30 Years Has Taught Me
  1. Love passionately. You can never give too much love.
  2. Laugh deeply. It feels good and is contagious.
  3. Find joy in the unexpected. Splash in puddles, savor whipped cream, and bask in the sunshine.
  4. Do something silly once in a while, just because. Make funny faces at your kids (or spouse), make up silly songs, or choreograph a goofy dance move.
  5. Give physical affection abundantly. Eskimo kisses for your kids, snuggles for your spouse, and bear-hugs for strangers.
  6. Say "I love you" often. Remind your family of this truth every day.
  7. Smile. Even on bad hair days, it makes you look beautiful.
  8. Be thankful and live a life of gratitude. It changes your perspective in the most difficult of circumstances.
  9. Keep pursuing Jesus. He is worth every moment we invest in relationship with Him.
  10. It's okay to be wrong. Failure is part of the road to success. If we aren't failing on occasion, we probably aren't investing our all.
  11. When you're sorry, show it. Don't assume others know your heart, be an example of reconciliation and repentance.
  12. Find things to celebrate regularly. National pancake day anyone? First picnic of spring? Make life an experience to be enjoyed each day.
  13. Take time to get outside and enjoy the beauty around you. A little fresh air does wonders for a cooped-up soul.
  14. Prioritize family. Make sure they know where they are on your priority list and show them through the sacrifice of your time.
  15. Make the choice to serve others joyfully. Offer help when needed, think of others before yourself, and find joy in the giving of your time, money, and resources.
  16. Usually you're the only one judging yourself. That thought you think everybody is thinking about you? They're stop thinking it about yourself.
  17. Don't take others' bad choices or mean comments personally. People lash out for a variety of reasons, and most of the time it's about them. Don't hold onto the hurt, let it go.
  18. Work hard and be diligent. A good night's sleep always feels better after a hard day's work.
  19. Be honest and trustworthy. Your integrity is sacred. Keep it intact.
  20. Take time to play and make memories. Sometimes this means make messes...they'll get cleaned up eventually. Just have fun and don't worry about it.
  21. Take lots of pictures (and be in some too). You might not remember this moment 30 years from now...capture it for you and your kids to enjoy.
  22. Think the best of others. Most people are doing the best they can with what they have. Give grace.
  23. Be kind to everyone...this includes yourself. Everybody deserves a little kindness.
  24. Live authentically. Just be real. Life's to short to be fake.
  25. Read good books. A good book can grow our brains, challenge our thoughts, and inspire our actions.
  26. Don't wait until tomorrow to do what you are excited about today. You might lose that passion or forget that idea when the time is "right". So just do it now!
  27. Use the "good china" (or whatever it is you think should be saved for a special occasion). Too often things expire or break before I've had a chance to use them for something "special" and they're wasted. So light the candles, make the cookies, and use the fancy teacup. Today.
  28. There's always more to learn. A nearly infinite amount of growth, experience, and knowledge lay before us if we but pursue it.
  29.  We can choose joy and hope no matter our circumstance. It is not always easy and it is not always fun, but it is possible to live with joy whether we are on the mountains or in the valleys.
  30. Life is what we make it. Each day is an opportunity to be the best us we can be and live with purpose. If we failed today, tomorrow is a new page to be written. What will we choose to write?

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  1. I love you, even though you're old now. ;-)

    1. Lol, thanks Susannah. I was really worried you'd still want to be my friend. ;)


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