Sunday, August 17, 2014

Broken Into Beautiful: Mothering When You Have Nothing Left to Give

You are stronger than you think. You are more kind than you know. You are brave and you are good...even in those moments when it feels like you have nothing left to give. Hang on. There is One who holds the burden of raising your babies even more close to His heart than you. He will equip you with the strength you need for each day.

It may not feel like enough to you. You may not feel like you are giving your kids enough...but the One who breathes life into our lungs also multiplies loaves and fishes and He will take the feeble offerings you provide and multiply them into an overflowing love poured into the hearts and minds of your little ones.

So, on those days and in those moments when you are not sure how you can fathom the strength to take another step, tame another tantrum, make another sandwich, change another diaper, or smile another smile, remember that you are not alone. And when you feel so defeated that you don't even want to turn to Jesus for help because you are ashamed and angry, it's okay. Because He will turn to you. He will replace the burden you put on yourself with truth. Instead of carrying a bag of all the ways you don't measure up he will give you a pack of all the ways you are perfectly designed by Him to be the mother of your children. He didn't choose somebody else, He chose you. And He will equip you to love those kids in exactly the way they need to be loved.

In Him, you are strong. In Him, you are kind. In Him you are brave. In Him you are good. And in Him you can mother those children with strength, kindness, bravery, and goodness even on the hard days. So open your hands and let Him take the scraps you have...and you will see a miracle. He turned water into wine and made man from dust, let's let Him take our brokenness and make it into something beautiful.


  1. I can see this framed on a living room wall: "In Him you are strong. In HIm you are kind. In Him you are brave." Such a good reminder on those challenging days. So good to see you writing! You are a beautiful communicator.

  2. This is such a beautiful reminder - even for someone who's not yet a mama! :-)


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