Friday, January 9, 2015

Fun Blogging News!

Happy Friday everyone! So I am totally a nerd and probably infinitely more excited over this than there is any need to be blog finally has a facebook page! Are you jumping up and down in excitement for me right now? Of course you are!

I realize that I am a bit behind the times, but frankly until now I just haven't wanted to put more into this thing. I mean, I love (LOVE!) writing and sharing my thoughts, but I was afraid I would get sucked in to all the technology and miss the real life right in front of me.

Obviously I don't want that to happen, but I DO want more connection with my readers and realistically facebook is a place to let that happen. I may even SAVE time because I can chat quickly back and forth with you guys via facebook, and share quick thoughts or ideas that I don't have time to blog about. So I am really excited! Please "like" my page on facebook so we can start connecting!

That is about all I have today! I hope your weekend is filled with rest, fun, and memory-making. No matter your circumstances, you have an opportunity to be the joy-bringer in your home this weekend. Write your legacy on the hearts of your children with the ways you love them!

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