Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer 2014 Bucket List

Oh I have missed you! I have not even glanced at this blog in probably over a month and it has been way too long. I needed the break to focus on other things but every time I set my fingers to typing here on messyfaceshappyfamilies I just get giddy! And while I don't have a ton of time to share my meandering thoughts, I did want to hop on and share my summer bucket list! Some of these things are BIG...like having a baby and buying a house (oh my!) and some are smaller, but I figured if I didn't write them down than I might not do any of the smaller, fun summer activities I have been excited about. So without further ado...my summer bucket list!

1. Have a garage sale
2. Have a baby boy
3. Finish the buying process and move into our new home
4. Have a "bonfire" and make smores
5. Swim Class with my little one in the local pool
6. Visit Shoshone Falls and the lake nearby
7. 4th of July Firefighter picnic and fireworks
8. Get ice cream cones and play in the park in Boise
9. Make homemade bubbles
10. Try a new coffee shop
11.  Make homemade ice cream 
12. Go to a petting zoo or the humane society
13. Try a new restaurant 
14. Have a family barbeque get together with extended family
15. Visit a splash park
16. Go to the aquarium
17. Paint pots with Baby Girl
18. Make Confetti Pudding Pops and have a "tea" party
19. Go on a date with Hubs
20. Play in the kiddie pool
21. Have newborn pics taken of baby boy and his big sis
22. Arrange a "father-daughter date" for the hubs and Baby Girl
23. Feed the ducks
24. Make this ice cream cake
25. Sit outside at night and enjoy the warm summer air and peaceful quiet

What's on your list? I would love to hear!

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  1. Yay! I LOVE your list of summer things!!! :-) You did forget to add and important one - be visited by a Portland friend. ;-)


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