Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas...A Love Story

Advent is here...the season of waiting and hoping and delighting in what is to come. I have to be honest with you though, thus far this year the real meaning of Christmas has been far from my mind. I have been giddy with anticipation of Christmas trees and wrapping paper. I have bags full of adorable stocking stuffers and gifts for my wee ones. I have been covered with flour in my baking frenzy (and, consequently, have been eating far too many fall and winter goodies!) But...until today I have been almost flippant about the part the King of Kings plays in the whole season.

And then, somewhere between the list-making and the cookie baking, God showed up. I caught a glimpse of Him through the crowd of Christmas sales and holiday decor. He was so calm and laid-back, the antithesis of what much of this time of year can stir up in my heart...and I thought, "There it is. That's Christmas. He is Christmas." It was almost as if he was standing there waiting for me to notice him, and the twinkle in his eye when I finally saw him made my heart skip a beat.

It might sound crazy but today I was reminded that Christmas, as much as it is about a baby in a manger and spending time with family and finding our childlike the end it's really a love story. God's love so deep and intimate that He formulated and carried out an extravagant plan to live out the depth of his love for us. And he started it with that first Christmas morning.

So this Christmas, instead of getting caught up in how much we should (or shouldn't) do, may we stop and take a moment to notice Him. Perhaps the expectation he has for us this year isn't to get all the perfect gifts and do all the perfect things. And perhaps it isn't even to not get gifts and forget about doing the things. Maybe, instead, it's to let go of the pressure to get it "just right" in whatever way "just right" looks to us. And maybe, whatever we choose to do or not do this season, he's just asking us to start with him. Can we do that? If we don't, he will still stand there watching and waiting. But if we do, maybe this Christmas can be our story of love rekindled. May we fall in love with Him this season, whether for the first time or all over again. May we fall in love with Christmas.

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  1. "May we fall in love with Him." Amen.

  2. Yes! May we all find Jesus in this Christmas season and fall in love with him even more than we love the gifts and the festivities!

  3. This is such a fantastic post! Thank you for linking up to the Great Blog Train & traveling with us to Albany Georgia:
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Love, love, love this reminder! Thanks so much for sharing your heart with us at our Coffee and Conversation link up last week. Just wanted to let you know that we chose this post as this week's feature. :)


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