Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Tribute to Five Years

Five years ago I walked down the aisle in blissful ignorance towards my groom. I didn't think I was ignorant...I had planned, prepped, prayed, and prodded him endlessly about marriage and life to make sure all of our ducks were in a row. I wanted to be prepared so there would be no big "why did we do this" shock after we said our I dos. I don't think I would have believed, had anyone told me, that those moments would inevitably come no matter how much I had in my preparedness bag and no matter how great a man I had snagged. 

Because, truth is, I married a flesh-and-blood man and he married a flesh-and-blood wife, and we can both be a little, well, human. Sometimes we have been selfish and sometimes we have been downright unreasonable. Five years in and I can say that we have loved hard, fought hard, played hard, prayed hard, laughed hard, cried hard, and worked hard to grow together. We have had to fight to keep those blessed vows we made in front of God and family and sometimes we have failed. Yet in God's amazing grace we have a house that is standing on a solid foundation (though it may need a new coat of paint and some weeds pulled now and then) and God-willing this house will continue to stand through as many anniversaries as we can cram in until death-do-us-part. (In case you were wondering, I would do it all over again in a split-second.)  

So, in honor of our anniversary I thought I would share the vows we made together five years ago. May our marriage continue to be a reflection of Christ's love...even when one of us is having a really unlovable day, week, or season. 

For my Husband: If you are reading this Love of my Life, know that you have loved me well these past five years. My picture of God's love has expanded because of you and your willingness to show me grace and forgiveness when I don't deserve it, and to love me both when I am easy to love and when I am not. Thank you for giving me a glimpse of Jesus. I love you.  
~The Vows~ 
I, Summer, take you Kristopher, to be my consecrated husband. 

I promise to be a faithful wife--to honor and respect our marriage and you, as my husband. 

I promise to put God first in our marriage, depending on Him for guidance and wisdom as we seek His will in our life together. 

Just as Christ loved me with an unconditional love, so shall I love you. 

And just as God forgives me, so shall I forgive you. 


May our marriage be a reflection of Christ in love, in humility, in sacrifice, in submission, and in forgiveness. 

I willfully bind myself to you this day, just as Christ is bound with the church.

February 1st, 2009

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  1. <3 Happy Anniversary, friend!!!

    1. Thanks! :) (Officially it's not until Saturday but I figured I can love him extra well all week! ;)

  2. Happy Anniversary! 5 years is a good and solid milestone. Wishing you all the best and keep on dating!

  3. Please pray that I will be able to see and hear how good it is to be a child of God tonight. That I will desire nothing else more and will obtain it

    1. Though I have not responded to your comment until today, I have been praying for you these last two weeks, friend. May you be swept up in the joy of the Lord even in the turbulent storms of life.


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