Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Little Pre-Halloween Fun!

Okay so I don't have much time but I felt like it had been far too long since I'd gotten a blog out. (Blame that on my new Netflix obsession with Royal Pains and Little Man's penchant for only napping in my arms...still.) I would love some mama advice on how to get your little ones to sleep solo! I have a stubborn one I tell ya...ven in a deep sleep he gets madder than a hornet when you put his sweet little self down so you might be able to get something done. The audacity of us mamas trying to do anything other than focus on our cherubs! ;)

ANYWAY, I have some exciting posts planned on marriage and mama moments but I might not get those from my head to the keyboard until sometime near 2020. So, until then, a couple of cute snapshots of my little loves at our church Halloween party this morning. My sweet Ladybug and my Little Lion...dressed as their nicknames. :)

What are your kiddos dressing up as this year? If you were their size now, what would you want to dress up as? (I feel like what I would pick as a "grown up" verses what I would pick if I was a cute and cuddly toddler might be different). Whatever you are doing, I hope you and your kiddos have a safe and super fun Halloween and make great family memories together! :)

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  1. They are so cute!!! Your little man is getting so big! (I guess that's what happens when the only time I saw him was when he was about a week old) :-)


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