Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lessons Taught by my Little Girl

I am amazed at how much I have learned about life from my baby girl. I mean, here I am thinking that I need to read more Plato (or whatever book might make me sound smarter), but instead, right in front of me is an itty-bitty girl who teaches me something new every day! She is so darn smart, let me tell you what. And though at seven months old I doubt she does it intentionally, she has lots to teach others. So, at the risk of sounding sappy and sentimental, here are ten things I am learning, compliments of my girl. 

1. Love your family. Okay, so maybe Baby Girl is too little to actually know what love is. But for her, its not a big, complicated ordeal. She just loves her dad and me because we are her family. She doesn't have to think about it, it is a fact for her. I want to love my family that way.

2. Stretch: It just feels good. Starting and ending the day with a stretch is delightful...with a few thrown in for good measure. You should try it.

3. Be a bit of a risk-taker. My daughter hasn't yet learned that life can be scary, so she's willing to try new things. Riding high on daddy's shoulders is a treat, not a terror (I am in such awe because I am terrified of heights...I think she is so brave!) If I would get out there and not worry so much, I think I would be happier and less stressed for it.

4. Enjoy your food. When its time to eat, that girl goes for it! Now I am not suggesting gorging ourselves is the way to happiness, but I am saying that instead of mindless stuffing I want to take time to savor the flavors and enjoy the company at mealtime.

5. Be curious. Whether it's removing a pair of glasses from grandpa's face, grabbing daddy's nose to give it a pull, or observing other kids playing and interacting, it seems there is never a time my girl is not in wonder at life. She "asks questions" with her hands constantly, and it makes me think that maybe I need to stop living on autopilot and start observing and interacting in life more.

6. When life gets you down, get outside. The tears flow, life seems like it is just about over and
then...we step outside. It almost always puts an end to the crying, and Baby Girl is transformed into an outdoor explorer, feeling the grass on her feet and the wind in her face. It lifts her mood, and I need to remember that it lifts mine too.

7. Find contentment in the little things. As long as she is fed, loved, and in a clean diaper my girl is usually happy with life. (A random piece of paper to shred or cardboard box to open don't hurt either).  Why do I often feel I need so much more? If I am fed, clothed, and loved I am beyond blessed.

8. Laugh, Sing, & Dance. My girl is not a big giggler. She often prefers to observe her surroundings (and the crazy antics of her mom) than laugh about them. But when she laughs she really laughs, and she seems to love music, singing, and dancing. And always, after our rocking out is over, I feel more peaceful and joyful too.

9. It's okay to need a hug. Sometimes my little one just needs a cuddle. If her tummy hurts, she's tired, or just feels plain overwhelmed it seems there is nowhere she'd rather be than in my arms. Sometimes I just need a hug too. And it's okay to ask for one.

10. Never give up. Tenacity defines my daughter. She will continue to try to do something or get
something until she finally accomplishes her goal. I watch in wonder as she is trying to master crawling and think "I would have thrown in the towel by now!" but she keeps at it. I wonder, if I had that attitude about life, how many more things would I learn and experience?

It might be my job to teach and raise my little one, but in the process, God uses her daily to remind me things that I so often forget. There are so many more things I am learning, and I would love to hear what you have learned from little ones...whether they be your own or others you have been around. Let's keep learning together!

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