Friday, July 5, 2013

July Goal #1...accomplished to the best of my ability

Friday is here...but it feels like Saturday. Maybe because yesterday was the 4th of July and my hubby was home (sort of). He is an on-call firefighter in our community and much of his day was spent helping with fireworks and such. My community hero! Anyway, I have to warn you that because it feels like Saturday I am feeling a little bit lazy. (It didn't help that Baby Girl decided 6:30am was the PERFECT time to start the day, which is a whole hour-and-a-half earlier than normal!) So after hemming and hawing as to whether I would actually write a post today, I decided that I would give a short-but-sweet recap of one of my July goals!

If you will recall from my Summer Goals, one of them was to celebrate the 4th with "a barbeque, a fun dessert, and a celebratory spirit." Due to my somewhat obsessive nature, I am chagrined to say that I was not able to fully accomplish said goals. I did go to a barbeque with my family...but a thunderstorm (along with wind strong enough to blow you right over) decided to descend right as we were settling into barbeque mode. I ate most of a hot dog but that was about it. In retrospect, it was quite a comical sight. Chairs were flying through the air, children were crying, and moms & dads were running pell-mell trying to gather up all food, kids, and belongings before they flew away. In the moment, I did must admit I not retain my celebratory spirit...but I did refrain from taking the stress of the moment out on my husband. I'm going to say that counts.

I did make some pretty fabulous coconut cupcakes! You can find the recipe here. They were in the July issue of Better Homes and Gardens. Apparently they are a family tradition of Tricia Yearwood and they are DELICIOUS! So I accomplished my "fun dessert" goal...except that due to Freak Storm they did not get shared with anybody. Consequently, I ate way too many yesterday and decided it would probably be best to freeze the rest before I did permanent damage to my waistline.

So there you have it. My (semi) accomplished July Goal #1. One down, two to go! Happy Friday and have a fantastic weekend!

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