Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Teaching Our Children to Fly

Lately I've been pondering how to help my little one learn to be her true self. Though she's only itty-bitty now, it won't be long before she begins to learn how to make her own decisions and be her own person. I, as her mom, have a vital role in helping her develop the skills she will need to be confident in her abilities, in her decision-making skills, and most of all in herself.

I look at her little cherub face and wonder "What will my daughter love? What will she not be able to stand? What will she be afraid of? What kind of humor will she have? What will hurt her feelings? What will make her feel cherished?" and on and on it goes.

I want my daughter to know who she is and not second-guess her worthiness. For that to happen, I have to love her each day, right where she is at. This plays out in different ways at different seasons in her life, but one of my goals as a mom is to be a mom who is remembered as one who found joy in watching my daughter grow into her own person, and delighted in the journey. I may not will not agree with every decision she ever makes and there will be times when she needs to see consequences for actions that she takes (many, if her dad and I are any indicators). But through the journey I want my heart to always be tender toward seeing her through God's eyes.

God sees who we are becoming, and he sees how each part of our individuality can be used for His glory. That is how I want to see her as well. If she has a strong personality I want her to know that God can use that stubbornness, if it is submitted to Him. If she is timid and shy, I want her to know that there are others who may be timid and shy that can benefit from her gentleness and quiet speech. It is within the nuances of her personality that God can shine brightly, revealing Himself to her and to others through her.

As a mom, there is always a lesson to teach or a skill to practice or some way in which it is our responsibility to grow our children. It is a good reminder to me, in the midst of this, that as we teach and lead our children they are supposed to blossom into their own selves. If they are just like us, afraid to branch out into their own dreams or ambitions than perhaps we haven't completed our job. There will come a day when they need to fly solo. I don't want it to hurry up and get here, but when it does come, I want my daughter to have strong wings and be confident in her ability to fly.

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  1. Lovely. Such strong and important wishes for your darling girl. She is blessed to have a mom who prayerfully thinks (and parents) this way.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  2. Waverly is so stinking blessed to have you as her mom! I can't wait to have babies so you can be my mommy mentor. ;-)

  3. Beautiful - there are 2 books that helped me understand my boys. Don and Katie Fortune's spiritual gift book and the 5 Love Languages. Not everyone hugs their love the same way - and not every gift communicates the same way. It so helped me better appreciate,value and nurture their gifts - which 1 out of 5 times were different than mine:)Wishing you blessing in your flight journey!

    1. Thanks for the book ideas! I have read the 5 Love Languages and love it...I will certainly have to read it again as my little one grows. I haven't heard of Don and Katie Fortune so I will have to read their spiritual gift book. I think it will be a journey to remember that God gifts us all differently, and I will need to be reminded often. :) Thanks for your comment!

  4. Love the thought of teaching them to fly ...

    Thanks bunches for splashing with us and linking up. Every Monday, I post on Momma Notes. And as always, it is a joy to have you join us. Just moms. Sharing our notes. Creating a melody.


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