Thursday, August 22, 2013

What Kind of Sticky are You?

There is a group of women in my community that I absolutely love to be around. They are funny and full of life. They love to laugh and their love of God comes out in everything that they do.  Even when life throws everything it can at them, these woman choose to remain thankful and loving. They rub off on me in a good way. They are sticky, and in their living life they catch others (like me) up in the adventure. When I am with them I am reminded that there is much to be joyful for, and it cultivates a more thankful spirit in me.

I saw these woman this morning and as nerdy as it may sound, it felt like Christmas. I hadn't seen them all summer and I didn't realize how much I missed their easygoing manner, their kindness, and their genuine excitement to see me. It refreshed me, and it also made me wonder, "Am I that kind of woman? Do I have that kind of stickiness?" Do I make others feel welcomed and invited into conversation when I see them? Do I show a heart of gratitude and thankfulness that overflows onto the hearts of others? I hope so.

We impact those around us whether we mean to or not. So we can either impact them with negativity and dissatisfaction, or we can impact them with hope and a joyful spirit. And we don't have to be "fakers" to do it. Life isn't always a bowl of cherries and it's important to be honest about our struggles and real-life-messiness. But we can do it with a heart full of trust in Christ and hope for the good He has planned.

If I am going to be sticky, I don't want to be the sand-in-your-shorts kind. I don't want people to walk with a bit of a limp because of their interaction with me, not sure why exactly they feel unhappy or unsettled. If I am going to be sticky, I want to be the melting-popsicle-in-a-toddler's-hand kind of sticky. There is joy and deliciousness in the stickiness. It leaves good memories and a good taste in your mouth.

I have a choice of what kind of sticky I am going to be. In each interaction I have--whether with a grocery clerk or a barista, whether with a friend or my spouse--I get to choose what kind of sticky I am going to rub off on those around me. Am I leaving the cashier with a sincere "Thank you" and a smile? Am I making the extra effort to ask the woman at church whose name I can't quite recall how she is doing today? When I speak to my husband, do I sound like sand-in-his-shorts or a melting-popsicle? In all I do, I want to make the choice to be the good sticky. What kind of sticky do you want to be?


  1. Okay, let me start by saying, "you are the stickiest person I know!" Honestly woman, you impact so many people! Every person I've ever heard say your name has said something great!!! Not many people, in fact very, very few, can say that. Whether people understand your faith and recognize God in your life, or they just think you are extremely nice, everyone wants to be around you. Keep doing what you are doing! You are a gift to this world and especially in my life.

  2. My dogs used to love it when I "stuck" peanut butter to the roof of their mouths. So, yeah, I'm "sticky" too! ;)


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