Monday, February 2, 2015

Just Us: 28 Days of Putting Your Marriage First

Before there were kids there was just us. Someday, after the kids have grown and gone there will once again (Lord-willing) be just us. In the midst of busy season after busy season the just us can get left behind and our marriage can get put on the back-burner (and, let's be honest, sometimes it gets taken off of the stove altogether). This month, I want to change that. I want us all to change that. I want us to start an epidemic of rejoicing in our just us. There will always be a reason (excuse) not to put the time and effort into our marriages, but honestly, when better to start then right now? It may not be the perfect timing and we may have no idea where to start. But I am tired of leaving my man hungry for more of me (physically, mentally, emotionally) while pouring into too many other things. (Anybody feel me?)

I have to be honest, a while ago my marriage was not in a very good place and I knew we needed to make some changes. It has been a journey and today I am reaping the benefits of putting the work in, even when it has been difficult. This month is a month of celebration for our just us. It is a month to throw out the red carpet for the man I committed my life to six years ago and celebrate that all we have created (including our two beautiful children) started with just us.

I also want it to be a month of celebration for you, dear friend. In marriage God takes two glorious messes and crafts a masterpiece. Your marriage and my marriage--they may not look like much now. But the Great Artist is creating something beautiful if you let him! It may look like an unfinished Picasso at times and some days we may wonder where the beauty is in all this mess. But honest-to-goodness there are gems to be found! Perhaps if we don't see the beauty we need to start digging? 

Will you grab a shovel and join me? Will you commit to taking this month to mine the gems that are hidden within your just us? Whatever state your marriage is in today, make a commitment to put your all into it for the next month. Commit to single-mindedly pursuing your mate these next four weeks and just see what happens. Whether it's polishing what is there to make it shine or getting geared up for a complete overhaul, all masterpieces start with a first brushstroke. This month, may we go from marriages that are tepid to marriages that are alive. Let's do this thing!

Want to join?! Leave a comment letting me know you are "in" and, for more encouragement, head on over to my facebook page to keep the conversation going!

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  1. What an amazing challenge for all of us!

  2. What an amazing challenge for all of us!

  3. Grabbing my shovel after visiting from Women with Intention Wednesdays. Our story is a little different, as a blended family, my husband and I have never had children at home...but no less will I pursue him and celebrate the just us. We are kind of gearing up for a complete overhaul as he will be retiring in seven months and then it will be completely different - no time like the present to keep on mining gems. Thanks for your inspiration!

    1. I love this Jeannie! It is so amazing how God takes us in whatever season we are in and helps us to become our best selves and have our best marriage ever. How exciting that your hubby is about to retire...I am excited for this next season for both of you! :)

  4. Thank you for submitting to Motivation Monday!

  5. What a great challenge to take a month and put our all into our mate and our marriage, thanks so much for the encouragement to do this. We had a really rough start to our marriage (family issues) but we worked it out and now we love each other more and more each day.Thanks for linking up at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  6. This is one of my greatest missions through blogging. Love this post! Thanks for sharing at Women With Intention Wednesdays! I can't wait to see what you have this week! :)


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