Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Just Us: Remember What You Love

Before there was the kids or the house or the joint bank account, there was a look. There was a smile. There was a caress. There was a question. There was an commitment. There were dreams. There were plans. started to happen.

Today, however busy your schedule and however varied your commitments, make time for the one who stole your heart all those years ago. Send him a text letting him know what he means to you and why you chose him. When you see him tonight...once the kids are in bed and the day is coming to a close...pull him close. Kiss him like you used to kiss him goodnight when he wasn't yours yet but you wanted him to be. Tell him how lucky you are that he chose you. Look into his eyes and affirm that if you had to choose all over'd still choose him. 

Get out there and fall head over heels for that man of yours all over again.  
Join us in a challenge this February to put our marriages first !

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