Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Faith, Love, and Ice Cream

I eat way too much ice cream in the summertime. I'm not sure what it is...because the rest of the year I'm fine with a little bit here or there, but summer comes and look out Albertsons because I am going to buy your two-for-five-dollar Tillamook gallons out of stock! I might need to buy a bigger freezer to hold all of that sticky melty summertime goodness.

Ice cream is quintessential summertime to me. (Well, really in my mind it would be me making homemade ice cream in a beach house with my kids...possibly while wearing an apron. But reality says where's the nearest store with ice cream on sale!?) Anyway, I digress. Ice cream, sunscreen, and beaches are my symbols of the lazy days of summer. And now that I am a parent, the laughter of kids down the street playing in their kiddy pool makes my heart sing as well. I know, sappy but true.

There's something else I love about ice cream. I usually eat it with somebody else. Now, I know I might be over-thinking this ice cream thing, but bear with me. What desserts are most often shared between two? Umm...ice cream sundaes or banana splits. Duh! (I am somewhat of a resident expert because I work at a coffee/ice cream "frozen yogurt" establishment...trust me on this). Also, what melts your heart more than seeing a little kid taking a big lick off of mama or daddy's cone? Cutest kodak moments ever. Ice cream is like a community event. Which this people-oriented-please-please-share-a-bite-of-that-with-me person absolutely loves.

 So on those days when life gets you so frazzled you're afraid you might just blow a fuse, try this. Take a breath, find a friend (or spouse or child), and share a bowl of ice cream. I promise you, life will seem just a little bit brighter.

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