Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The List...

I am mourning the loss of the post I spent two hours working on this morning. I thought about never blogging again and threw a mini mental temper tantrum. I ranted the injustice of my brilliant thoughts not making it off home base. I sighed (a lot...apparently I thought maybe enough sighs would bring it back) and was graciously comforted by my husband (who really has better things to do than encourage a wife who is distraught over something as trivial as losing a blog post...but he loves me so he comforted anyway). And then I finally thought c'est la vie. (I know, it took me a little while and a lot of unnecessary mental drama to get there...but I got there).

So here I am with my summer list. You'll be happy to know that in the spirit of this being my second go of it, I have shortened my list from long-and-drawn-out to short-and-sweet. Well shortish. (BTW, since June is almost over I picked goals that I have already started on, so as not to set myself up for failure. I don't think it's cheating since I am starting this endeavor with only six days to go!)

1. Start meal-planning. I recently started using emeals to help me with this goal (thanks mom & dad!). Check the program out here.
2. Work on a budget. Notice I said work on, not complete. I have started one and its a good feeling to (start to) get some mastery over our money.
3. Join a mom-and-tot swim class. I am happy to report that I actually did sign up (the last day possible) for a mom-and-tot swim class, and other than two misses due to inclement weather (one being today), baby-love and I have splashed about in the pool each morning since!

1. Celebrate the 4th. This might be a bit "duh" but my goal is to plan a barbeque, make a fun dessert, and keep a celebratory spirit!
2. Go Camping. Just a one-night excursion nearby to start.
3. Have an actual date with my husband. I know, I know...I should be going on dates all the time! But we haven't been on an actual planned-out, dress-up, open-the-car-door date since before our baby-love was born. So I'm really excited about this one!

1. Try my hand at fishing. It's true, I have never ever been fishing. (I was deprived of this experience as a child and revel in reminding my dad of that fact as often as possible). Now that I am a resident of one of the hunter-gatherer states I think I should probably remedy that!
2. Help the hubs get his classroom ready for the next school year. Just all the usual new-year teacher stuff...set up the classroom, maybe make something fun for the students, whatever he needs a hand with I'm in!
3. Check out a nearby ghost town. A hobby the hubs and I share...love to see all the old structures and think about the history.

1. Start a Bible study. My goal is to start a mom-and-kid friendly Bible study where kids can play, moms can chat, and we can all grow and learn!
2. Have a "goodbye summer" picnic. I never think about the transition from summer to fall, but each season has so much to celebrate! Saturday, September 21st is the last day of summer and I want to end it with a celebration! Who knows, maybe it will become a family tradition!
3. Celebrate my husband's 30th Birthday well. I have great intentions, but my put-off-today-what-you-can-do-tomorrow nature often leaves great intentions shriveled on the floor. This year, I want my husband to feel celebrated and loved as he steps into a new decade!

There you have it. My summer list. It certainly isn't everything I want to do, but its a good start! If I can fit in walking 100 miles, reading at least 3 books, finishing (and by finishing I mean starting) my "beach ball" project for baby-love, trying to get to church at least 3 out of every 4 Sundays, and investing intentionally in my relationships I will be all set. And of course, with all these things the most important is to find joy in each day and love my family well. So here's to an intentionally-lived summer!


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry you lost your post! That stinks a whole lot! I love your to-do lists, though. I'm excited to hear about you accomplishing them!

  2. Summer, this is a great list! I especially like that you're going to learn to fish. It can be really gross or really relaxing... it's all in the mine-set! I also like the idea of a 'good-bye summer' picnic. I may just have to give that a whirl! It looks like you're going to have a great summer!
    Blessings to you, my friend ~ Mary

  3. First, I find it ironic that my post deleted the day before your's did! Except you had the tenacity to actually rewrite your's while I am still pouting about mine. Secondly, great list! I am already checking off all of the stuff I will (hopefully) be a part of. Lastly, I can't wait to babysit while you go on your date! :)

    1. Brie~
      Well if any of our list items are the same, maybe we can tackle them together! (I definitely pouted for a while...then got over it). :) I also found it ironic...I think my computer is learning bad habits from yours! ;)


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