Thursday, June 13, 2013

Waverly Recap...First Six Months!

We are coming up on six months as parents of our baby girl! I can't believe how time has flown (though that could be because for the first two months I was in shock, followed closely by a month of feeling like I was seriously losing my mind). It has been a whirlwind, and yet I am in awe at how much our munchkin has learned and grown in the past six months.

Month One: Her favorite toy was...well lets just face it, it was my boob. Couldn't get enough of it. (Side note: When lactation consultants tell you that breastfeeding shouldn't hurt, they are LYING. I am now broken-in and can see where they are coming from because it doesn't hurt anymore. But on day two of mommyhood, when you come in to my hospital room and I tell you it hurts...DON'T tell me it shouldn't! Instead, tell me that Lanolin is an amazing invention and I should probably buy stock in it. Tell me that pain is normal because my boobs are in shock from being so overworked. Tell me that in a few weeks it won't be so agonizing so I don't think I have to go a year with this pain. Okay, end of rant.) Her favorite game was sleeping. If you are a parent this could possibly be your favorite game too. I, in my neurosis, wondered if I was being interactive enough with her and Googled games to play with your baby. It turns out that when babies are a month old they don't really care to play peek-a-boo...they would prefer a boob and a bed. (Sounds like some men I know...)
Sassy's GoGo Bugs

Month Two: Her favorite toy was Sassy Go Go Bugs. We hung them on her carseat and she would stare at them intently. In fact, her first smile was not directed towards the woman who woke every two hours to feed her (that would be me). Oh no, her first smile was at the bugs. Because they went through hours of pain to bring you into this world. (I have received many smiles since then, and am no longer bitter towards the winged creatures.) Her favorite game was probably watching me try to schedule play time while she was still partial to sleeping. Though, she did seem to enjoy me singing to her and reading to her...probably because she could just lie there and be comfortable while I danced around like a lunatic.

Created by: Priddy Books
Month Three: Her favorite toy was probably a tie between her stuffed bear with bee wings and her Fuzzy Bee & Friends cloth book created by 'Priddy Books". She really liked to chew on her bear, but would often get fuzz in her mouth and I think that might have been annoying if it was me. She didn't seemed too bothered by it though. Her Fuzzy Bee book is probably my favorite of her toys. It keeps her very occupied with lots of things to grab and chew. She has gotten a ton of use out of it and it is now my standard baby shower gift because I think every child needs one! Her favorite game was having me pull her from laying down to a sitting position. Over and over and over...

Month Four: Her favorite toy seemed to be her Infantino Baby Bugs that I usually had attached to her play mat. She really enjoyed sticking these lovelies in her mouth and chewing on their wings and such. They seemed to help her with teething pains. (By the way, does anybody find it odd that all of these toys are bug related? This was not intentional, they were just what she was drawn to. Ladies and gentlemen I think we have a future entomologist on our hands!) (FYI an entomologist is somebody who studies bugs...I just googled it.) 

O'Ball Rattle by Rhino
Month Five: At this point she has several toys that she really enjoys. She still likes all the aforementioned toys, but I would probably add her O'Ball Rattle by Rhino. Though she has enjoyed this toy for quite a while, she can now interact with it more. She also likes her Garanimals soft blocks as well as a more interactive and musical toy steering wheel. Oh, and lets not forget mommy's hair and daddy's goatee...both very enjoyable toys for pulling (oh joy). Her favorite game is having mommy or daddy bite on her side...the giggles are the BEST part of my day!

Month Six: Well, we aren't there yet...she will be six months tomorrow! But I'm sure sometime within the next month our gifted child will be reading Nietzsche and trading stocks. ...Or maybe she will still be seeing if she can still stick her whole hand in her mouth. Either way, I look forward to seeing what comes next! I never thought I would find such overwhelming joy in parenting. There is nothing I would rather be doing!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this!!! I love finding out about your little girl! I also am a fan of all the side comments. The boob and bed being about guys made me snort. Haha. You're going to have to teach me all the true things about birth and mommyhood that people like the lactation consultants don't tell you once I'm preggers.

    1. Susannah, that will be so much fun! Can't wait until I get the opportunity to enlighten you on all of the fun preggo and mommy things I am learning! So fun! :)

  2. She is such a fantastic little baby! I love that Brody gets to be her friend.

    1. Me too! :) Can't wait until they can play together!


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