Monday, June 24, 2013

Just Do It!

 I am addicted to lists. There should be a self-help program for people like me. I mean, I'm not talking about just a little list here or there. I'm talking about madly-in-love-I-get-butterflies-when-I-see-a-good-list kind of infatuated. (I might have hesitated admitting that last bit about butterflies due to embarrassment over my obsession...but I decided to keep it real). In fact, the majority of the time I get "lost" when I'm on the internet (you know what I mean, the "5 minutes" you were going to hop on turns into...well, lets just say way too long) is because I have been dragged from one list to another. Pinterest is no help, that thing ropes you in and doesn't let go. Did you like that list of Top-25-Books-To-Read-In-2013? Well how about seventy-five more? And two hours later I am trudging along with like thirteen pages open trying to soak it all in. Oh my.

Anyway, this morning (after a bout of list-mania last night) I was thinking about all of the "summer-fun" ideas I had seen on various lists I came across. There are just so many I want to do! I not only want to experience them, but I want to pull out that Sharpie and start crossing things off! (Because as every list-lover knows, the thrill of crossing something off of the list is something akin to euphoria). The problem is, along with my list-addiction problem I have another. Procrastination. So I might have great ideas of what I want to accomplish (today, this week, this month, this year) but the truth is that if I don't have a plan, a lot of times it doesn't happen.

So I came up with a plan! I will pick three non-negotiables to do each month of summer. They will be things I have wanted to do or planned to do but haven't actually done. Along with my "non-negotiables" I will pick between three and five extras to do each month if time allows. And lucky have a part to play in this endeavor! You will be my accountability to said list! Each time I accomplish a summer goal I will "cross it off" by letting you know it got done. (Nerd alert: I am so excited about this I almost can't sit still...that's when you know you might be a little too over-the-top about list-making). So procrastination, take that! You don't stand a chance against my millions (okay, tens) of faithful readers!

June is almost over so I'd better get cracking! Tomorrow's post will be my list, and I would love to hear your summer "bucket lists" as well...along with what you have actually accomplished so far! Happy Monday!

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  1. I love lists too!!!! I'm so excited to read yours. :-)

  2. Lists are the best! I accomplish way more with a list. Sometimes I make up a reason to write a list just for fun!


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